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Your holidays as a different experience!

A journey through time, in the country of "organic farming", in the traditional farmhouse built on Zakynthian grounds! A trip in history, the stone villa Kirstin is a traditional house about 200 sq. meters big and is located 1km from Tragaki and 3km from the splendid beaches of Tragaki and Tsilivi! A trip to the past, always with respect to nature and how she blesses us with her goods! A journey with speed hiding new ways that may urge us us to reach even further, following the Dikopoulos Family!

Come and become Farmers for a week! Come and drink milk from the goats! Come along and cut fruit from the trees! Come and help us in the wine making process! Come and put the wine in barrels! Come and gather olives with us from the trees that produce extra virgin organic olive oil! Come and pick fruits, different ones for each season! Let's teach our children that the piggy is not only a moneybox! Come and water the vegetables! Come and clean with us the animal (goats - rabbits- hens) stables! Come and remember how beautiful life was like when we were kids, when we thought that everything was just a game!

However, stories are told face to face this is why Dikopoulos Family invites you to the most original holidays to join us if you like to in the hobbies of our farm!



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